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Long distance relationship

It is hard enough to keep a long-distance relationship, but what if you are entitled to stay away from each other even longer due to coronavirus measures? It is really difficult times for those, who live separately and must go through the separation. But you can make it. Love can go with the ocean to be put in between two people. We have a tips for you, how to survive.

  • Spice up the facetime calls – it is necessary, that you keep calling each other, but it may become a bit boring with time. You should think of ways, how to make it little bit more interesting. Next time you will be preparing yourself for call with your partner, dress up sexy, come up with pepper topics, or try the sex talk, that can lead to self- satisfaction for both of you.


  • Upgrade your texts – It is certainly necessary to keep texting too, but the same text every day can also lead to boredom in texting. “Good morning how was your night?” or “How has your day been so far?” can be a good texts, but not when you keep receiving them day by day. Add a voice message, that will be cute and the person on the other side of the world can hear your voice, when they don´t expect that. Also, you can let the person know, there is something to be looking forward to the whole day, like: “How was your night? I had a nasty dream I want to tell you about later when we call” You can bet your partner will be thinking of you for the rest of the day.


  • Look after yourself, while they are gone – we all have a sex needs, that we can´t keep pushing back forever. We obviously are committed and want to stay loyal, but we also need some stimulus to keep ourselves sexually stable and healthy. Ask your partner to make an erotic video for you, to sex-text you a scenario, or visit a salon for erotic massage Praha https://mataharisalon.cz/en/classic-erotic-massage. Let some of those tips to get you through the hard times.